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jj sexy
2Hi everyone, This is motubunu7 a.k.a. Srijana Thapa from Nepal. I simply love, love, love DBSK and YUNJAE. I haven't written any stories yet but i'll do soon in future. If you want to friend me, Just drop by and leave a message introducing yourself. I'll gladly add you back. I love, BRAD PITT is my first and last love. I am Jaejoong biased. Besides i simply love Heechul too.My favourite pairing is and always will be YUNJAE. But i also love YOOSU, MINBUM, SICHUL, HANCHUL and KANGTEUK. I love to read fanfics and fantasize about yunjae and spazz about them. Last but not the least ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH AND HOPE TO THE END. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lol ur first post...whoots!
yup u gotta write after ur exams...and i gotta smut request
love ya ^_^

bb...i can't see ur update T_T


may i add u as friend?????
hope u'll add me back.....<333

hahaha. i love this first post. Welcome to livejournal!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
i added u back dear <3
n yup, i have written fics XD
some r not done yet n some r on the way XD
i hope u enjoy reading <3
n thank u for adding me :*

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