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Good Mornings
jj sexy

Title: Good Mornings
Author: motubunu7
Pairing: YunJae
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Beta-reader: [info]eirelavenna
Disclaimer: It is a work of fiction and in case it matches with anyone then I would like to apologise beforehand.
A/N: This fic is dedicated to my friend, my boojae [info]suejae  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SURU ^^v

Summary: This is how their lovely mornings always start, filled with love and many more love.




They had just gotten married and it was their first day in their newly bought house. They still had so many things to do, so many more boxes to unpack, which was nowhere near done considering the numerous sealed boxes filled with the necessities and things needed for the house to transform into home. Those boxes were waiting to be opened and things, to be put to their right places. Many things still had to be arranged where as some of them had already been put to places. There were so many things to be done before they could finally settle down perfectly. They had so little time but so many memories to create. Moving in took too much time and memories came bound with them like a pair of conjoined twins. They were ready to make their memories in their new home with tears and laughter, with love a little bit of clashes, with support and hope and with many more little and big happiness………….their heavenly abode.



It was a perfect house with the perfect view. When they had first come to look at the house, it was just about the time for the sun to set and bid the day good-bye for the night to knock by. They were inspecting each and every inch of the house along with the real-estate agent who was giving them a tour around the house. They were then led to a huge a grand room which they had decided would be their master bedroom. Jaejoong was looking around the room on his own. The source of the entrance of the cool evening air in the empty room pulled him towards it like a magnet and he couldnt help but walk towards the extended part of the room from where the soothing, light breeze of air was entering. When he opened the door to the balcony, he was greeted by the most spectacular view he had seen. From the place where he was standing, he saw the view of the fiery red glowing sun go down the horizon. It was like as if the sun was on fire and was setting the sky alit by its glares. The scene of the flying birds, who were probably returning to their homes, from afar, looked like black dots that were moving farther and farther. The backdrop that the scenic beauty provided to his ever lush green garden that helped sparkle the evening dews on the mouths of the flowers like a diamond on its case, was so breathtaking. It was then and there that he decided that they were getting the house. He could picture himself living in the house where, he with his lover could create their own happiness, brand new happiness, and every other day. He could picture himself standing on that very balcony as he gets wrapped around his lovers hold in comfortable silence, thinking about wonderful memories of the past, the joy and sadness of the present, as they weave their dreams of a hopeful and joyous future. He, to say the least, was very happy to have found the perfect abode for them. He couldnt wait any longer to shift in the house. And today, his dream had finally come true.



And now there he was, early in the morning, on the very balcony that had captivated him the most of all the places in the entire house, still wet from the shower he had finished taking just a few minutes ago. He was watching the morning sun, rising and slowly shining its light as if kissing the sky in greeting and every beautiful thing underneath. And, the glorious shade of red, he felt, portrayed the colour of his heart that was filled with love and burning it further with passion in him. He wore this content smile on his face that spoke in heightened words of how happy he was to have been able to capture this moment when he saw the morning sun rising from the horizon. So entranced was he by the view he was looking at that he did not hear the movement behind him, approaching him in slow stealth motion.



He gasped out of startling surprise when he felt a pair of lips on his nape, swapping off the droplets of water, running down from his wet hair. He bit his lips as he tried to stifle back the arising moan bubbling in his throat. He felt the tightening hold around his waist and the roaming pair of lips around his neck; lapping, licking, sucking, swapping in admiration of the beauty it held. He knew those sinful pair of lips all too well even with closed eyes too. He knew the person they belonged to all too well, his heart knew and he could feel the heartbeats, beating in sync, with his.



Yunho was showering the now abused neck with soft kisses, soothing out the pain his desire had inflicted upon the neck of his lover, his life partner, his Jaejoong. He snuggled deeper into the juncture of the neck and shoulder and inhaled the intoxicating scent of Jaejoongs freshly showered body. He loved all of his lovers scent but there was no comparison to a freshly showered Jaejoong. He could never resist that irresistible aroma of his lover. He would be taint that heavenly scent with the impure stench of his desire, smoother him in his love juice, mark that body and soul as his, time and again. He was, after all, a very possessive lover. Jaejoong was his and his alone. And if the tightening hold around that slender body by the second wasnt any indication, then one would be a fool to overlook it. The kisses then soon turn into snuggles and cuddles. This was how they have always been every morning. This is how they showed their love to each other, started each day with sweet nothings and romantic everything. Their lives were never boring but blissful, to say the least. And life for them, couldnt have been much better than this.



Today too, in between kissing and cuddling, speaking of future plans, and dreams of fulfilling their dreams together, speaking words of appreciation to each other, spoke words of love, they spewed up endless dreams together in each others embrace, shared thoughts for the future. In each others embrace, they had taken their first steps towards their dreams by buying their very own house which they could call their own, hoping for more little and huge happiness to follow them.



And as they fooled around with each other, tickling each other, trying to reach those weak spots, they laughed off the sorrows of the darker days and looked ahead towards a bright new future they were going to build together. They dreamed of creating a future every other day just like the sun that they were watching rise up to its majestic height, together in each others hold, which brought along a brand new day after the long stretchy dark night that follows it right after. Jaejoong giggled from the spot that they were watching the sun rise together, with Yunho wrapped around him, kissing him non-stop, giving his reassurance of the future that he had promised to give him every morning, like he did so every morning by showering him with endless love that he knew could never fill up to his brim.



Yunho and Jaejoong at that very moment came to know that the balcony was going to be their favourite spot in the whole of the house because from there they would be able to see their life ahead, along with the rising sun that they would view every other day.



They turned around to face each other and whispered a sweet Good morning, dear to each other. They kissed once more in profound love they held for each other.



 Their mornings, their lives, was going to be less than perfect but more than amazing because they knew nothing is perfect to the degree of perfectness.




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*sighs deeply*

i wish joongie would be the one to taint me,claim my body and soul as his again and again..
i wish he would reassure me of our future ahead and kiss me good morning every damn day...T_T

bb...thanks you so much for this!!
i really loved it!!

i really love the possessive and "forever-wanting-joongie" type

i love you!!!!!!!!!

i have a surprise for you!!

i hope you like it!!

u can only wish dear coz he is yunho's n will always be his :P hehehehehe i love to tease u so much yaar hahahahaha
u r welcome dear n once again happy (belated) birthday ^^
n dun we all love this kind of yunho for our jaejoong? he deserves nothing but the best hehehehe glad that u liked it though its kinda short n all hehehehe next year, maybe, imma write something much longer n better than this. k? hehehehe

n thnx for teh surprise. i loved it. m gonna use it soon ^^

OMGee... >////<
this is sooo sweet! ♥

thank u so much for reading n commenting ^^ yunjae r the sweetest couple ever <3

Simply Awesome..
YunJae is .. well.. no words to descrice at all, if you know what I mean.. :D

thnx for reading n commenting bhai hehehehehe love u lots <3

hehehehehe thnx for reading n commenting ^^

this is soooo sweet!

^^ thnx for reading nad commenting. really appreciate it ^^ n als thnx for calling it sweet hehehehehe ^^v

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