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Black And White Makes Red
jj sexy
Title: Black And White Makes Red
Pairing: YunJae
Length: One-shot
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: My work might co-incide with someone else so I would like the author to come forth and speak and not accuse me of plagiarism (my only fear ^^). I don't own the guys but would love to see yunjae in action XP

Summary: We are so different yet so similar. We unite to form something different from the usual, when we unite we form red.

Jae's POV

You are so different from me. You do not belong to be with me. We are so different from each other. But no matter what we are so similar. We are compatible. Why? Why is it so? We are so polar apart yet so magnetically attached.

You are so calm and serene and peaceful like the colour white. You are so blindingly brilliant. You are the colour that peolpe want to touch so that you can lead the way. You are angelic. You are the light that comes after darkness. You make everything clearer. You are simply white and I love you. But i can't have you.

I can't have you for myself. I can't keep you for myself. I can't not want you for myself because............ Because I am the colour black. I represent the bad in people. They want to run away from me. They want to redeem themselves of the colour I represent. They want to be as far as possible from me. They don't want to indulge in my colour because they fear that they will forever be trapped in me and the coldness that my colour bringsforth might suffocate them and eventually kill them. I bring gloom along with me. The colour I represent makes people crave for the way out, search for whiteness, search for the colour you are. I am not good and the colour I represent is not the best either. And the unending list continues on. I don't deserve you.

I don't deserve you and I don't want you to come any further, any closer to me. Go away from me. No stay! Stay but just a little farther. I want to see if not touch you. I want to love you if I not cherish you. No, please Yunho, please, stop. Don't come nearer to me. I fear......... I fear that I might taint you with my imperfect black. I might be a smudge on your perfect white and I don't want my Yunho to be imperfect, ever. I might change your colour. I might make you......... might make you grey. You say when we unite, when we mingle, colour to colour, skin to skin, nether to nether, we form something new. Something amazing and different from the usual. We form RED. But the red is a singled out colour when the spectrum bursts out in its glory and showcases the colours that are so overpowering and diminshes the shade of the colour that we create. And lets not forget I, my colour belongs no where in the spectrum but lets also not forget that the other colours that overpowers our RED comes after splitting from you. So, don't come closer to me. Halt! Before I lose all my sanity to your advances and crumble in your white brilliance and taint you, halt my love. For the sake of me, my sanity, my love that I hold for you, halt. No, don't falter, for I see your trembling footings, but just halt.

Yun's POV

What is that I see in your eyes love? Are those your unshed tears that you are holding in to cry a river later? Why do I see then, white tears in your black eyes? Why?

I am white and perfect, you say my love. But why do you forget that after every white follows a classic black that is as majestic as the crimson, another shade of the RED that WE create. Yes, you do not belong to the spectrum that comes from me. Thats because love, you are different from others. Black is not a despisable colour love, its tempting, its surreal and its unique in the world of the imperfect perfects. You are tempting and intriguing, the reason why I love you. They want to redeem from you because they are fools. They don't know what they are parting from. Redemption doesn't really give you a place in Heaven. You have to serve right from the beginning, redemption is the easy way out. You are perfect, a perfect And how can I lead someone when I myself am lost? I need a dark corner to hide because for me my colour is too exposing, I feel naked in my own colour. I need your raging and cool and dark colour to come an hold me in your tight black valvety embrace. Blanket me, cover me and lull me to sleep when it becomes too overbearing to with-hold the heave of being perfect.

You don't bring gloom with you. You bring the desire to shine. I can't do that. I am useless and boring. You are exciting and filled with vigour. What is there in me that is so taintable? That is so worth tainting? I am empty abyss, love, you are too but you are stronger than me. We are compatible. We complete each other. So don't.................

So don't push me away love. I am faltering because I can see you crumbling. The stance that you made for me of not touching you is really painful. It pains me to see YOU falter. My footings are not faltering love because they are getting ready to run to you to hold you and keep you in my embrace the moment you hit your lowest. And the lowest is not the place you deserve but my heart is the one that you should grace with your presence. Why do you care of other colours so much? They should not mean much to you. You have me, YOUR perfect white and I have you, MY perfect black. Lets complete each other's shortcomings. For others you might be the cold colour but for me you are my warm sunshine, you are my YELLOW, TANGARINE, RED. I told you, you give me colours and they don't taint me in any way; so, how can you? And you don't kill, you are the elixir of life, the kindest being in the blackest colour. For me you are.

Don't push me further than we already are love for I might vanish in oblivion. I might get consumed by my own colour and never be able to be found.

You can ask all you want for my feet, my movements towars yoyu to halt. But, how will you ask my baeting heart thats beating for you to stop? And don't forget half my white heart is within your black being and half your black heart is within my white being. WE THEN CREATE RED. Colour to colour, skin to skin, nether to nether and HEART TO HEART, we form RED. So let me hold you, cradle you, embrace you and finally love you.

Let us form grey then. If thats the only way i get to keep you nad touch you then let usdo that for i can naver settle with seeing but not touching, loving but not cherishing you. I told you I am not strong.

Lets break away from the normed spectrum and save our red from diminishing from its alluring shade. We created it, together. So, lets just run away to our perfect RED world as a couple of GREY. LETS GO TO OUR RED, OUR ABODE OF LOVE.

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they r perfect for each other in any possible way
not just their colour~

yunjae is love ^^

yah they r perfect in every way!!!!!thnx for reading my randomness :) n u r my first reader dear ^^

for different perspectives, it sounds so poetic how they describe their own colors^^

I like the idea very much but i still don't understand how does black and white turn red? is it when you use really dark ink and fade it away? because i only know really blood red seems to look black however i don't know how does white play in all this xD

anyway thank you for sharing your randomness because i am definitely curious of the colors :)

for me jae has always be the colour black, intrigiung yet compatible and yun has always been calm and collected just like white. and when they (yunjae) unite they make love and portrays the situation that they are in love. and red is the colour of love. so when black and white (yunjae) unite they form red. :) lol was that so complicated? m so sorry to hab boggled ur head dear! n i apologise for it. but than u so much for reading my randomness. really appreciate it. ^^

haha noooo!~ it wasn't complicated at all xD i just let my curious mind ask the questions that aren't really in the text lol so i'm sorry to make you do an explanation ^^ i was just wondering how does black and white turn red in a literary sense :)

hahahaha, no no its okies!!!!!!!!!! thnx for commenting once again tho!!!!!!!! ^^

(Deleted comment)
*touch wood* me too chingu, me too. i too wish for them to be together always and all our dire fantasies to come true. i just want them to break away from all these on going situations and the social prejudices and escape to their red, the colour they created for them n no one else. thnx for reading dear. really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

noona, simply awesome!!!!
i liked the way how you described the opposites in a parallel manner...lobd it!!!

thnx dongsaeng-ah ^^!!!!!!!!! means a lot coming from u coz u know i can't do the genre ehehehehehe thnx for the compliment. padhi deko ra comment garey ko ma dhanyabaad!!!!!!!!!!lolz

that was sweet bb!...finally managed to find time to read ur's poetic n flows really well hun!

finally! gah, thnx bb! i really appreciate u doin this for me. n the fact that u read, liked, n commented is more than enough for me thnx once again.

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