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Drinking My Love
jj sexy
Title: Drinking My Love
Pairing: YunJae 
Genre: fluff, romance, AU
Length: Drabble/ One-shot
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If this fic does happen to match with someone else's then its just a mere coincidence and not plagiarism. DBSK does not belong to me. This is just a fic and nothing serious. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

Summary: No summary. It can be read as the sequeal to the two drabbles [Sweet Start]  [Soothing Kiss]
But it can be read as a whole new piece too. ENJOY AND COMMENT!!!!!! ^ ___________^

It was their fourth or fifth date, I don't know, but they were a new and budding couple, that, I can say for sure. They were on a date at a park on a bright Sunday morning. The park they were at was really............ romantic, in a way. They were as shy as how they were before even after months of being together and "officially" a couple. They were holding hands and had their fingers intertwined with each other. They were fumbling with each other's fingers and blushing endlessly by the mere touch of skin. They were stealing glances and looking away when they felt that they were creeping the other. They looked so cute that way.

They sat down on a park bench and smiled giddily at each other. They then started some random talks. All of a sudden Jae felt thirsty and he wanted a drink. He then excused himself from Yun to get some water.

Do you know how there are these things in the park like water fountain where one have to press on the handle to squirt water to drink it? Well lets just say that Jae went to one of those fountains to drink the water and quench his thirst. (He could have just bought a bottle of water. What was he thinking? o.o"") 

He bent down to get the water in his mouth and drink it. But unknown to him, a pair of eyes were watching him intently and living his every actions.

Jae had his lips in a natural pout and they were parted slightly to let the water in his mouth. His pink lips turned wet and sleek due to the water and he licked off the excess water that were strayed on pouty pink lips that looked so innocently beautiful yet sinfully sexy at the same time. If anyone saw him at that time, they would definitely get turned on and that was exactly the same feeling that a certain someone by the name of YUNHO was feeling. He was so engrossed looking at the sight that he forgot everything around him. Nothing but Jaejoong existed to him and he was watching his angel draw him closer to heaven. Unable to keep it to himself, he let his legs lead him to the alluring angel, on its own, as if possessed by black magic casted on him by Jae.

Yunho bent down and took Jae's lips in mouth and sucked at his lower lips sucking him off the water that he was drinking. It tasted like a piece of sinful heaven to him. He kept kissing him and it would be an understatement to say that Jae did not enjoy it. He remembered his first kiss with Yunho, that came from out of no where and had him breathless. It seemed that Yunho was a very spontaneous person and liked to kiss Jae out of the blue and totally catch him off gaurd. He blushed at the thought. He opened his eyes in alarm when he felt Yunho's tongue probing inside his mouth and invading it. He gasped and lightly pushed Yunho away and turned around trying to hide the creeping blush.

" What were you doing Yunnie?"

He just shrugged and answered coolly to him as if it was not much of a big deal

"I was just drinking my love"

Jae just smiled at the answer.

Now what do you think. Was it on purpose that Jae did all that to get Yunho's attention or was it really not intended? Well, it still remains a mystery.

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spot for my wintercandles19 bbxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rape it bb!!!!!!!!!!!lolololol

time for me to rape this fic!!
i'm telling ya, jae did it on purpose! he def did it on purpose
and poor yun got fooled but well, he got what he wanted
"I was just drinking my love" - this sentence is a win hun
thanks for the spot hunbb and sorry for the late comment :D

Purpose, I say Jae did it on purpose 8D *gets bricked*

LOL! & the shy-like couple in the beginning was, indeed, cute :D

I love the detail in here (:

Thank you for sharing another drabble<33


i m so so sorry for replyung late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lololol yup,i wanted to make them cute n fluffy n all.lolololol thnx for reading n commenting!!!!!!!!!!!

Jae do in purpose rite rite huahaha but who can stand see that handsome man infront of u

can't say if he did that on purpose or not.lololol.jk jk. but u r rite, no one can resist that handsome man .thnx for reading n commenting.

aww..this is so sweet!!
drinking my love ne?kyaa!!
of course jae did it on purpose!!lol

yup, yun definitely drank his love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idk if jae did that on purpose or not, u'll have to ask him.lolololol.thnx for reading n commenting!!!!!!!!!!!!111

(Deleted comment)
that is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lololol
thnx for reading n commenting!!!!!!!!!!!

thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!really appreciate u reading n commenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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