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Love To Death
jj sexy
Title: Love To Death
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Oneshot
Genre: Dark, Angst, AU
Rating: NC
Disclaimer: Incase this fic does happen to match with someone else's then its mere coincidence and not plagiarized. Its just a fanfiction. The people are real but the characters are not.
Summary: Sick as it may sound, but sometimes love needs a little bit of reassurance, a proof to show the degree of love, eventhough when love is immeasurable.

It was an unusually very dark night. It was very silent, in a very creepy way. It was as if no living soul graced the earth. Yet, in that very silence, two lovers were taking harsh intakes of air. They were moaning and pleasuring themselves in a very demanding manner.

Yunho and Jaejoong were making love to eachother. It was a very agressive display of love. It was as if animals had possessed over them. They were snarling and acting very violent. It was not frail love making. In fact, it was far from it. They were being very hostile. Maybe they were trying to channel the rage bubbling in them through their most intimate time on bed. The reason of their love making and the person who compelled them to born such rage in themselves, the presence of the reason, that further erupted their emotion, their passion, their lust to consume each other by a notch higher, made them even wilder. That could be justified by the way Yunho was thrusting in Jaejoong and Jaejoong thrashing his limbs in a more vigorous want. They were fulfilling each other's want in a very disturbing harmony.

Yunho was reachin his climax and Jaejoong's mind was clouded with lust. Out of blue, Jaejoong asked, "How much do you love me, Yunho?"

Yunho was taken aback to say the least. Then he asked his lover, "Why do you ask, Jae?"

"Just answer me when I ask you something, goddammit! Don't question me back." A raged Jaejoong shouted, all of a sudden with voice devoid of the warmth and love, the harshness taking over softness, that Yunho had known for so long and loved. It was just replaced by this completely new and insane Jaejoong.

Sensing that something was off Yunho carefully answered. "I love you more than my life baby. I love you more than anything. I can even die for you, baby. I love you to the limit where there's no limit to my love for you."

"Then prove it to me. Prove to me that you love me more than your own life. Die for me, Yunnie," Jaejoong demanded with no facial emotion on his face. His features unwavering, he handed Yunho a blade. "Show me, baby".

"If thats what it takes to prove my love, then so be it".

He slit his wrists, in a go, looking at Jaejoong, eyes unblinking, that showed nothing but immense love for him.

"See it, baby. I love you. I told you I would die for you. But why? Why Jae?", asked Yunho taking long ragged breaths, trying to keep himself alive before he dies and misses his lover's answer.

"I was jealous of you loving me so much."

With that Jaejoong raised both of Yunho's bleeding slit wrists and kissed them. He kissed them with such tenderness and gentleness, that it hurt Yunho more than the knife. He couldn't keep the hiss to himself, he let it out.

Jaejoong sensing the discomfort of his lover, kissed his lover with full force on his lips, with lips smeared with his own lover's blood.

He then took the stained blade on his hands and slit his wrists too. He then brought his and Yunho's wrists together and joined them. He then smeared his body with his and his lover's blood. He had gone insane, totally. But he felt loved. He kept kissing Yunho's bleeding wound and Yunho's paling lips, that were draining out of blood and colour. Yes, they both loved each other to death.

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spot for my idiot dongsaeng lordjunsu and my bbxy wintercandles19.

that was...sad..but they died together, so, not complaining :D
but jae asking yun to kill himself just to prove his love is a little too much
i thought i would have to kill you if you didn't kill both jae and yun
anyway thanks for the amazing story hunnbb loved not sad...happy i said, they died in each other's arms, what more could i ask for? lol
thanks for spot hunbb XDD

i wa juss way too out of mind.lolololol.thgh i really wanted it to be drabble,it became a lil to long to be so..........lolololol.i really hope u enjoyed it n thnx for reading dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why must be die to prove love. ow jae~ T_T

becoz it is s'posed to be a dark theme which i failed big time was a random spur of the moment thingy dear.lolololol.thnx for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aww.. sad ending.. but its okei still they love each other :))

lololol.thnx for reading what my crappy mind brought up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why must die???

because they are crazy like that bb!!!!!!!!!!!!lolololololol thnx for reading dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yun is willing to kill himself just to prove his love..
why jae ask for such thing??
but glad that they love each other..

yup,for m love can be proved to the extreme only when he ca prove that with his death.n on top of that jae was juss jealous of himself.lolololol.this is s'posed to be dark theme.n i fail at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!lololol thnx for reading n commenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was kind o disturbing but it was an awesome read
It was still kind of sweet especially the line that Jaejoong said:

I was jealous of you loving me so much

I lurv it!! xD

i sumtyms loose my mind n create such disturbing thoughts.lololololool it was supposed to be something else n it turned out to be something else.lololololol thnx for reading dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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