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Soothing Kiss
jj sexy
Title: Soothing Kiss
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: Fluff, AU
Length: Drabble
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This is somewhat my own plunny. But in case it does match with someone then I would like to apologise beforehand and also say that i didn't copy it. The characters are real people but in fictious roles.
Summary: Yunho's kisses were like ointment. Confused? Read on. (I should seriously learn how to do summaries)
A/N: This is dedicated to all the people who requested a sequeal to A Sweet Start. Though it can be read as an individual drabble.

It was the first ever date of the newly formed couple YUNJAE. They had decided to go on a date at a café near their school. Both of them were nervous like wet cats and excited like teenagers that they were.

They had placed their orders and were waiting for their foods to come.

They both were nervous and couldn't come up with any thing to say to each other. The only thing they did was steal glances of each other, blush madly and turn their heads away when they got caught or when their eyes met "accidently". They would then immediately avert their gazes away from each other and fidget on their sits. They would look everywhere but to each other. If one cleared his troat, the other would follow suit. They both sat in complete "shy" silence. Then if they were courageous enough, then they would burst out into idiotic giggles.

Had anyone seen them now, they would think that these teenagers were actually "mute". Geez, just talk already guys *sigh*

Finally their foods arrived. *thank god*

Yunho had ordered a café special burger and can of coke.

Jaejoong had ordered fries chilli, a chicken and cheese sandwich and a coke.

They were definitely eating a lot and shamelessly and their shyness before out of the window, for that matter.

Jaejoong was eating his fries chilli when he accidently bit on a hot pepper and burnt his mouth.

"Shoo ha, shoo ha." He started blowing his mouth. It was as if his mouth was on fire. That was when it happened that had Jaejoong stunned and blushing.

Figures, unable to see Jaejoong in pain Yunho got up from his seat and kissed Jaejoong on his open mouth and relieved of the spiciness.

Jaejoong at time concluded that Yunho's kisses were like ointment, soothing and sweet.

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claiming my spot!
i'll read it later on hunbb!~

this is so CUTE!!!!!! they were all silent and yun just kisses him to help his boojae from the spiciness overload
hunbb...just kill me by writing more fluff!! *hugs*

that is how most first dates go like,rite?????????????lololololol will definitely kill u with fluff overload.lololol thnx for reading n commenting dear.lob u!!!!!!!!!!!!

yup!!!!!!!!!!!!lolololololol thnx for reading!!!!!!!!!!!

this is cute. yunho kiss jae to cure the fire on his mouth. ^^

that was cute,rite??????????lolololol thnx or reading n commenting dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha!! cute and sweet!!
yun kiss jae to make the spiciness go away??
love it!!

yup,becoz yun's kisses r better than any ointment in the world.lolololol.really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



yunyun...u baaaad...hmmmmm *nod nod* jae loves bad yun *nod nod*

they are made for eachother n they simply love each other.lolololol.cheesy n cute,thats yunjae for u!!!!!!!!!!

cute...!!! and fluff love it.. (need fluff now a days)
Thanks dear to write this..

lololololol yup,but overdose of fluff can give u tooth cavities n diabetes.lololololol.thnx for reading n commenting dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xDD Another drabble full of fluff!

LOL! And now I get what Yunho's kisses were like ointment. meant :D :D

Hahaha! Thank you for sharing this :D

Kyaaa new method to kiss ur date kkekekekek

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