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Choked Up Face
jj sexy
Title: Choked Up Face
Author: motubunu7
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Drabble
Genre: Humor, Smut
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. In case it does match with another story then it’s a mere coincidence.

Summary: Jaejoong is bored. Boredom makes him random. And random things lead to problem and he has to let it all out somehow.

Jaejoong was home alone and he had nothing better to do. While randomly checking out his stack of music CDs, he came across a CD of Lady Gaga. The first song that resonated within his vicinity was Poker Face.
He went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and started swinging to the beat of the song. After having heard the song in repeat, he could make out some of the English words in it, the main being the chorus part.
“Can you read my, can u read my, can u read my poker face? Lalalalala po po po poker face”
While he was singing to it, his tongue slipped and whatever English he had learned so far got mixed and mashed.
“Can you read my, can you read my, can you read my…………”
He gasped.
Yunho received a text message with a picture.
He opened it and choked up in his own saliva.
There it was, a picture of Jaejoong with the biggest dildo he owned, all shiny with all the lube, huge and sturdy, shoved all the way in his mouth, with his eyes wide open and teary and horny.
The text read:
Yunho-ah, can u see my, can u see my, can u see my choked up face? Come on baby, come and fuck me ;)
A/N: Dedicated to my dearest unns <3 haru_ran

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Huuuh, and it's just for me. ;A; ♥♥ Okay, now I really demand that picture 'cause it's for me. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-*chokes on spit*

unns, i have requested some one to do it XD
let's hope XD
n thank u so much for commenting :D
lop u unns <3

Yeyeyeyeye~ I shall wait for that. *-* ♥

Love you too~ /o/ ♥

u r hyping up my excitement too unns XD
i am gonna work on the pic soon XD <3


...tempted to do a fanart o_o

the "lol" means a lot to me.
happy to have made u laugh :D
n plz do the fanart for me :3
pweaseeeeeeeeeeee :3

wat is dis...wat is disss????
I can't even imagine jae face like that XD

ur reaction seems priceless XDDDDDDDDD
did u enjoy it?
ur comment says u did XDDDDDDDD
it was really amazing to imagine like that for me tho ;) jk XD
thank u for commenting! :D

did u enjoy the pun n the joke?
happeh to have made u laugh :D
thank u for reading and commenting. i appreciate it :D

seriously, LOL nana!!! :D

did u like it baby?
i wish i could sing it out to u. u would have rolled on the floor literally n gone crazy with fits of laughter XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
thank u for reading n commenting <3


glad to have been able to make u laugh :D
i hope u enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed writing it :D
thank u for reading n commenting.
i appreciate it :D

i would pay for that picture !!!!!!!

i would kill for it XD
thank u for reading and commenting :D
i appreciate it :D

Edited at 2013-03-31 05:19 pm (UTC)

you make me i dont know!!
i wanna see the pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am working on gaining the pic.
but since jaejoong is in japan rn, i can't approach him for the pic. n he must be mighty busy too :P
but i am working on it :D

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